Book Review: Faery Tale by Signe Pike – my thoughts on one woman’s quest to re-enchant her life

Faery Tale book

Faery Tale by Signe Pike

Faery Tale was one of those books I stumbled upon by ‘accident’ in my favourite charity book shop.  I say ‘accident’ because it was a book I really needed to read, and someone or something up there knew it.

Signe Pike was a successful editor at a big publishing house in New York City, and over time she realised that she was completely disenchanted with her life.  It was a realisation that prompted her to consider why, as adults, we often lose a sense of wonder and magic when we look at the world.  Often we are caught up in the tedium of ‘modern life’ – the 9-to-5, housework and bills – and we lose sight of a bigger picture of life.

Mythology and fairy tales speak to us in a way that only the heart and imagination can truly understand. As children, we accept the fantastical without question and we are exhilarated by it. But, as we pass into adulthood we tend to lose our connection to those parts of ourselves.  Why? Signe Pike’s story is a journey to see if we can reestablish that connection. Quitting her job, she went on an adventure, “looking for the faeries”.

In a quest that takes her to many countries, sacred places and meetings with believers who are “still awake in that old dreamtime”, her journey shows us how we can emotionally, physically and spiritually heal by reconnecting with the playful and imaginative parts of ourselves, by removing the blinkers and daring to embrace the ‘irrational’.  By opening our minds once more to the idea that there is more out there in the world than what we think we see.

Faery Tale is a thoughtful, witty, endearing and profound tale of one woman’s journey to confront her personal pain, fall back in love with life and understand what is amiss in our modern society.  For anyone who is feeling flat, disconnected or directionless, this is a great read to help you step out into the world and see it with opened eyes. It forces us to question why we think the way we do, and to consider what we need to do to feel truly happy again.  Whether you literally believe in faeries or not, this book will show you the importance of reconnecting with the beautiful spirit of people, nature, and childhood innocence.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” – W.B. Yeats

Upon reading this I was intrigued to explore the sacred places and let my imagination run free.  It was both enlightening and empowering. I urge you all to give this wonderful memoir-cum-philosophical and esoteric musing a read – and whilst you’re at it, take yourself out into the wilderness for a while. Let it enliven your spirit, spark your imagination and reintroduce you to yourself.

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