5 Life Lessons From My Cat

They say animals are full of wisdom, and there are definitely aspects of my moggy’s life that I’d like to incorporate more into my own.  So, without further ado, let me introduce you to our little tinker, and Wise One, Snow White…

1) To-do-lists and a full in-tray? Nah!

Snowy in tray pose

2) Anything can be turned into a game
Snowy tustles with shed
I’m just going to have a quick tustle with this shed!
3) Spinal twists are important (as is napping)

Snowy Spinal Twist

4) Cuddles are everything

Snowy Cuddles

5) KNOW you are a Goddess

Snowy Goddess

Never was so much said with so little! Thank goodness for all these beautiful little creatures that light up our lives!

With love,

Alexandra & Snow White