A little trip to London town…

Last weekend a friend and I decided to pop to London for the day.  I have read all about Borough Market and Neal’s Yard, so I wanted to experience them for myself.  At heart, I am a ‘wilderness girl’ – not just a ‘country girl’, but a ‘wilderness, I-prefer-trees-over-people girl’ – but every now and then I like a foray into the razzle-dazzle of cities.Neal's Yard

Neal’s Yard was a lovely, peaceful little enclave of healthy-minded shops.  I enjoyed looking at all the herbs in Neal’s Yard Remedies, and although I wasn’t blown away by the porridge at 26 Grains, I loved the set up of the little shop and the idea behind the place.  We actually had breakfast and dinner in Neal’s Yard, because we ended up at the Wild Food Cafe for our evening meal.  I have to say, their vegan wild burger meal is amazing! It was delicious and very satisfying.

Borough Market was my highlight of the day.  I absolutely loved it! It was bustling with people, but vibrant and exciting rather than chaotic.  Maybe it was all that colourful, fresh produce sending out healthy vibes!  When I was at univeristy in Aberystywth, Wales, there was a local health food shop and cafe called The Treehouse.  It was a rustic little place that catered particularly well for vegans (which I was at the time), and had the most amazing fresh, local Welsh produce.  Since moving back home, I miss that place.  I have toyed with the idea of opening up something similar in my area – a sort of health food shop-cum-bookstore, perhaps – because I really love the idea of a good quality, local, environmentally aligned greengrocers.  Borough Market really reaffirmed how wonderful it is to shop this way.

As you can see from the photographs, these vegetable and fruit stands were like a work of art with all the bold, bright colours!

Abundant veg
So much abundance, with those glorious pumpkins at the top of the veg-mountain!

Organic apples Tomatoes! Cabbage close up Squash!

Aside from a cheeky Ben’s Cookies in Covent Garden, our day was very health food-oriented, which was great! I don’t know how I’d feel about living in a city full time, but I definitely love the little enclaves of healthy stores and spiritually-minded bookshops.  I wish there were more in my local area.  I could never be far from the country side and natural places, though.  The trees are my skyscrapers!

With love,


Juice in woods
Back in my natural habitat!

2 thoughts on “A little trip to London town…

  1. Stunning photography! Once again Alex you touch my heart with your outstanding writing. Written with such vibrancy you transport the reader to London.


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