Just imagine, then dream, then believe…


The New Year is all about choices: we decide which resolutions we want to make, we evaluate our life and consider what needs to change. It can be a hopeful, refreshing time of year if you shake yourself free of the events which happened the previous year and look ahead, liberated, at a pure, clean and crisp landscape ready for you to make your own path.

It can also be a time of year when we start comparing ourselves to others and we start to dwell on thoughts such as ‘this year I will achieve a body like theirs’, ‘I’ll get a successful job like so-and-so’, ‘I need to improve myself’…

We have all fallen prey to these kinds of thoughts. I know I have, and still do. But, I was determined that this year I wasn’t going to start off in this frame of mind. I decided to make two resolutions that are not just for 2016, but are rather ‘from now on I will’:

  • Honour everything about myself
  • Make all choices from the Heart

And I mean it when I say I will honour everything: my body, my desires, my dreams, my wishes, my tastes, my hobbies. I will even honour my dislikes enough not to spend time doing them! ย Life is a series of choices to be made each and every moment, and I will choose to do what makes my heart sing with happiness, whether that is choosing to be calm in a stressful situation, choosing to go to bed early with a book, choosing to stay out a bit later with friends, choosing to spend time doing what I really love. Choosing to be happy, essentially, even in those times when Life throws us curve balls or when others don’t understand.

This quote really put a smile on my face:

“I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”

So, sorry but I’m not sorry. I’m going to be completely, totally and utterly ME this year (and always) in all my weird and wonderful ways, with no explanations, no apologies, no anticipation or worries of what other people think or expect.

And I urge you to be you, in all your weird and wonderful ways too.

Inย this time of fresh beginnings I am making a pledge to live no life but my own.

Much love to you, and I hope all your dreams come true for 2016 and beyond. Dream big!

Follow that dream

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