Monday Sunshine

I often look at other Instagram accounts and blogs for a little bit of inspiration and positivity. I enjoy looking at beautiful pictures and reading uplifting or thought-provoking quotes, and I particularly like the ones with humour and feel-good vibes. They help to lift my mood and put a smile on my face, particularly in the morning but most especially on a Monday.Β  Starting off the week with a positive mind set is only ever going to help.

I decided I wanted to spread the love a little too, so each Monday I am going to post something that I like which fuels my spirit in the hope that it will help you too.Β  Happy people equals a happy world, after all!

This week the message is simple: no matter what, just breathe. Breathe and relax. You got this.

Just breathe_edited-1


I took this photograph of a particularly fiery sunset last week, and after playing around with my new Photoshop software I turned it into something soft and soothing. An adequate metaphor, I think!

With love,


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