Monday Sunshine

This week I wanted to share a quote that I scribbled down a while ago and only just rediscovered:

“It is time to honour myself more than the demands of the world.”

This was said by somebody called Cristol, in the comments section of one of Kris Carr’s articles ( I was blown away by the direct and powerful truth in that simple statement.

Right on, Cristol! Wow!

Our modern world does demand a lot of us in order to fit in and be ‘socially acceptable’ – it makes demands on our clothes, our hobbies, our physical looks, our tastes… almost everything! We can lose our spark, our passion and our beautiful individuality in the process. But, these demands made of us are stressful, superficial, superfluous and ever-changing (and therefore nigh on impossible to meet) – moreover, they’re often plain stupid.

You don’t HAVE to be anything. You can just be you, and you SHOULD just be you.

What do you truly need and desire in your heart? Think about it. Then honour it.

Have a great week!

With love,


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