Poem: ‘The Moon Goddess’

‘The Moon Goddess’

She dances on silver beams,

with sparkles of starlight in Her hair,

Her heart swells with the tides,

and in the stillness of night,

She is radiant with magic.


In the twilight skies,

She before us appears,

a beacon of softness and rest and good dreams.

And while we lie sleeping, above us She shines

and whispers the mysteries of ancient-old rhymes.


Pure beauty is She, and a guiding light,

to weary souls on a lonely night.

Sister-bound, She ever circles the Earth,

giving movement and life,

and an Ocean its worth.


When you see those silver beams,

with awe take in Her sight,

for She speaks to your soul,

with each coming night.

The Moon Goddess is She,

Woman in the sky.

Moon Goddess pic 1

This is my ode to that ethereal, beautiful, mesmerising orb in the sky. All photographs and words are mine.