Monday Sunshine

Tree in eye.jpg
Art by Irene Zeleskou

I love how stunning this picture is! But, what really speaks to me is the silhouette of the tree in the woman’s eye.  You’ve probably already gathered this from how frequently I talk about nature, but the forests and woodlands on this planet (especially in the United Kingdom) make me come alive.

I feel like the trees are in my blood. More than that, in my soul. The whisper of their leaves in the wind soothes me, the smell of their leaves and roots and bark ignites me.  Trees calm and enliven me into a state of peaceful awakeness.  I could disappear into the depths of a forest and wander for days… Walking under their boughs takes me back to lifetimes aeons ago, or so it feels.

Where feels like your ‘soul’ home to you? The mountains? The ocean? A city? Think about it, and make sure you spend time there.

Happy Monday everyone!

With love,


3 thoughts on “Monday Sunshine

  1. As soon as you wrote “soul home” I went to the mountains. I post a lot about nature too, as it frequently changes my perspective and pulls my heightened emotions back to earth. The mountains. Where I feel so small and insignificant and yet somehow so alive.

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    1. I loved what you wrote in your recent post about that. I love the ocean and many other places but I can’t be away from the woods for too long. When I lived in Australia – as stunning and magical as it was – I often pined for English woods. Everything seems ‘right’ when I’m around trees – like I’ve slotted back into place, if that makes sense. Xo


      1. Absolutely. I moved to England for a year in 2008, and ended up missing the mountains so much I had to return. One of my friends even made me a photo album of natural spaces in Canada and mailed it to me so I could look at it and be reminded haha

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