A Colourful Life

Spring is here, bringing it with it the vibrant and beautiful blooms. The bare trees are now covered with clouds of pastel blossoms, or the lime green of awakening leaves. From the ground spring tulips, daffodils, bluebells and many more flowers whose delicate petals add vibrancy to our days.  With each unfurling bud, we feel our soul unfurling too and opening up to bask in the sun. IMG_0544

Never underestimate the power or importance of colour in your life, and on your wellbeing.  And never take for granted your ability to experience it.  The whole world is a rainbow feast for the eyes, in more magical shades and hues than you could ever imagine.

Did you know that the human eye can detect more variations of the colour green than any other colour? That is why woodlands and the countryside are so visually beautiful to us.  The observation of colour, and the sense that we use to detect it, is a massive part of our interaction with the world but one that we aren’t often conscious of.

Colour can also affect and reflect our energies and our state of mind.  We use colour to communicate and to project parts of our identity to the world through our clothing, our accessorizing, and our décor.

charka aura
I love this! From Pinterest here


I naturally gravitate towards magentas, purples and indigos and I believe this is because I am very much ‘in my head’ dwelling on the mystical and higher truths (in the chakra system, these colours resonate with the higher chakras). However, I have noticed lately that I have started to incorporate a lot more green into my wardrobe, as well as burnished oranges and yellows.  As I have started to consciously connect with my body, my desires, and the hidden parts of my personality, and allowed myself to start healing and awakening more deeply, these changes in how I present myself to the world have occurred.  The energies of what I am becoming attracted to are widening. Perhaps this reflects that I am becoming a more balanced person, energetically, rather than dwelling in my mind all the time.


Colours have their own vibration and energetic frequency and we are naturally drawn to the ones that resonate with us best.  You can use colour for healing, as it indicates things about you such as emotional imbalances that need addressing.  Colour healing through Aura Soma is something I have used for years, with great success  (if you are interested in learning more about Aura Soma, click here: aura-soma.net).

Everything in the universe is made of energy, even seemingly stationary and solid objects.  We are energy, so it makes perfect sense to me to think that the energy of colour can interact with and affect the energy of our body. If nothing else, colour is what makes our world stunningly beautiful to behold. Be mindful of what colours you are surrounded with, which resonate with you, and how they affect your mood.

If you are feeling low or flat, get outside and look at the flowers! Breathe in their perfume and allow their colour to invigorate your vision and soul. They are a perfect, natural and free way to add vibrancy to your life!

What colours are you attracted to? Let me know in the comments below!

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