An adventure in Herefordshire: Lower Brockhampton Hall

A couple of weekends ago I went on a ‘mini adventure’ day trip with my sister and my grandparents, crossing out of the Midlands into Herefordshire, to visit Lower Brockhampton Hall, a 14th Century moated manor house in the middle of a (still working) farmed estate.

Well, it was a glorious day and the house and gardens were simply wonderful! Now maintained by the National Trust, the Brockhampton Estate is an extraordinary piece of medieval history that we can experience.  If you are a history nut and partial to some fairy tale-esque beauty (like me!) then this place is definitely worth a visit.  We picnicked on the grass and soaked up the sunshine: the whole day was leisurely and blissfully peaceful.

I imagine that it is stunning in all seasons (and I am tempted to go back and photograph it in the autumn), but it was particularly beautiful in the spring sunshine with all the flowers coming into bloom.  We had great fun playing with my new camera and photographing all the gorgeous flowers and wildlife.

The house itself would be a dream to live in (and it was lived in until a few years ago, so the guide told us).  The thought of living somewhere with so much history and character really appeals to me. I love the wonky timber frames, floors and roof. It is like stepping into a fairy tale.  It also evokes a more simple life to me, with lots of natural building materials, and being surrounded by nature.

I would definitely recommend this as a lovely day out, for photographers and families alike!  Find all the details here: Brockhampton Estate

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One thought on “An adventure in Herefordshire: Lower Brockhampton Hall

  1. What a day! Perfect weather, fairytale setting, British countryside at its best! How lucky for those people who ”once upon a time’ actually lived in this dream of a place.

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