Book Review: ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ by Melissa Ambrosini

Mastering Your Mean Girl

I have read (and still am reading) lots of inspirational and self-love books, but so far Mastering Your Mean Girl has been the cherry on the icing.  Melissa Ambrosini’s book is, as she fully intended, bursting with love and wisdom.  Her motivating force is love and that really came through on single every page, in turn firing up the love deep within me – for others, and for myself.  Because that is what this book is all about: loving yourself so much that you are full to the brim and overflowing with love which you can then shower upon others.  It is about becoming an overflowing, unceasing fountain of loving energy which springs up from a source deep within your heart and spills out everywhere.

Mastering Your Mean Girl teaches you how to craft the life that you want through brilliant and insightful teachings on overcoming your fears and self-doubt (gaining mastery of the “Mean Girl” within), and to not let those things control your actions and thoughts.  I have been doing a lot of self-reflection lately and this book really triggered some deep healing within me; and the lesson that has really started to permeate every aspect of my life, and inform my every choice (whether big or little), is this:

Choose love over fear in every moment.

By doing this I have found a lot more inner peace and joy. I can think and see more clearly, and I am more able to be fully present in and appreciative of the moment.

Melissa Ambrosini is a wonderful teacher with great authenticity and integrity. She really walks her talk, and is very inspiring for it.  She covers it all: health, food, relationships, passion, and careers, with personal stories about how she became the master of her own life.  I cannot tell you how enlightening this book has been for me. I’ve begun to open myself up to what I really want and need, and already feel so much more peaceful and empowered for coming back into alignment with my true self.  It made me feel brave and strong about being authentically me, despite any fears I might have about what other people think.

When everything is directed by love, you will have a happy, fulfilled, exciting, passionate and peaceful life. Yes, it is a conscious choice we must make in each and every moment, but choosing love (no matter what Life throws at you) shifts the trajectory of your life to a higher level.

There is SO much wisdom in this book and I definitely encourage everyone to give it a read.  Melissa Ambrosini is a beautiful soul that will open your eyes to the beauty within your own soul.

Go to her website here: for more of her teachings and insight.

Buy Mastering Your Mean Girl through Amazon here or Hive books here.

With lots and lots of LOVE,


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