‘Lit Without Limits’

Earlier this week I wrote a piece for Lit Without Limits, a non-profit organisation founded by Haley Hoffman Smith, a 19 year old upcoming CEO in America.  The aim of Lit Without Limits is to inspire and empower girls and young women through literature.  It is a noble and worthy cause so I am proud to have contributed.  Literature, writing and books in general are – and always have been – an enormous part of my life from when I was a child through to university and beyond.  When asked the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question as a child, I replied “An author”. I lost sight of that for a while during my teens, but the desire resurfaced and became conscious again when I went to university.  So, I think it is wonderful that an organisation is trying to empower and celebrate girls and women.

I’m still working on my own confidence as a writer, but starting this blog has really helped! I am glad to be a part of something that is helping other girls to be confident and embrace their skills – whatever those may be.

Read my piece for Lit Without Limits by clicking here.

It is a well-worthy cause to support!  Check out their website and get involved yourself!

And remember: Be the author of your own life!

Much love,




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