We are all Earthlings, right?

With the massive political focus in Britain due to the EU Referendum, I have been thinking about the systems that we have created and ‘imposed’ upon ourselves: time, money, government… So much of our lives and identities are dictated and driven by these man-made systems, but what are they really?

The map of the world is separated into different coloured areas, each given a name. But, what are national boundaries beyond lines on a map? We divvy up chunks of land – some with more, some with less – and lay claim to them, and say that some are better than others, and talk as though there is some fundamental, undeniable difference between the people who live in the different chunks of land, but is there really?

There is beautiful diversity between countries that should be embraced and celebrated, but the only division between nations is in our minds, and only when we choose to think that a division exists.  The evolution of humanity is in a constant state of flux, and these systems that we create for ourselves are impermanent.  I wanted Britain to remain a part of the European Union because, even though I felt there was a lot of room for improvement in the EU’s policies and method of governance, I liked the sense of togetherness and belonging.  I liked the idea that we were consciously choosing to be together.

I say “consciously choosing to be together” because, in truth, underneath all the political jargon and ideologies, we are always together whether we acknowledge it or not. Our existence as humans on the planet is much bigger than any political system: we created the system, therefore it is naturally smaller than us. We are not defined by it.

Governments come and go. Empires come and go. Policies come and go. The map always changes, and people always move about the globe.  The political world map looked very different two thousand years ago to what it does now, and in two thousand years hence it will look different still.

So, whether or not Britain is a part of the European Union doesn’t lessen our connection to all the other people around the world.  It doesn’t define our relationships, human to human.  As long as we are each individually driven by love, compassion, hope and friendliness, it doesn’t matter what your national status is. We can always choose to be united.  We are all Earthlings, right?

And as our planet Earth journeys around the Sun, which moves about the Milky Way, which travels across the Universe, it is important to remember that we are together and that we need each other.  Politics may seem like a huge defining feature in our lives, but it is actually a very small part of a very big existence, and we must love each other no matter what.

With love,


Each day of existence is a gift, no matter what the political landscape looks like!

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