Book Review: ‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed

I was already intrigued about reading Cheryl Strayed’s memoir of walking the Pacific Crest Trail as a solo female hiker when I saw that Lit Without Limits, a non-profit organisation supporting the empowerment of girls through literature, had chosen it as their July read.  As a woman who loves hiking, strong women and literature, I thought I would give it a go too and read alongside them.

I found Cheryl’s tale incredibly moving, confronting, and inspiring.  Seeking to heal the heartbreak of her mother’s death, her subsequent divorce and spiral of self-abuse, Cheryl sets off on the gargantuan quest of hiking the mountains through California and Oregon alone.  Woefully unprepared for the gruelling physical toll, Cheryl nevertheless refuses to quit, using strength, determination and a very resilient spirit to both push on along the trail, day after day, and face her inner pain at the same time.  She is brave, ballsy and breathtakingly honest.  High five to you, Cheryl!

I absolutely love this quote and I think it captures the very essence of her story:

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Definitely give this one a read. We really are only limited by what we believe we can do.

If you are interested in finding out more about Lit Without Limits, go to the website here:

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