Book Review: The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells

I loved this book, plain and simple. I have been reading a lot of self-love and empowerment books lately and they have all been so fantastic, but what I really loved about The Goddess Revolution is Mel Wells’ warmth. At times, reading this felt like being enveloped in a big hug.

Her wisdom, earned from personal experience and delivered in an insightful and relatable way, was so moorish that I couldn’t stop drinking it in.  Starting my day by reading a chapter or two (or three, or whole chunks of the book) really set me up for a feel-good day.  And that is what this whole book is about: feeling good about yourself, and learning to thoroughly love yourself as the amazing Goddess that you are, and making peace with your food.

“To have the body you love, you must start by loving the body you have.”

Every woman is a Goddess, but we very rarely treat ourselves as such. It is tragic, really.  We punish and berate our bodies for not achieving ‘perfection’, when really all that is a load of hooey.  We often have dysfunctional relationships with food and very low self-worth.  The Goddess Revolution is all about turning that around so that you can live healthily, peacefully and totally in love with yourself. Liberated of guilt and body anxiety, you are free to be HAPPY! (What else is more important than being happy?)

This is about Sisterhood, female empowerment and realising what truly matters in life.  Being healthy is imperative, but fighting your body to try and get it to be something it isn’t is not healthy.  Self-love is healthy. Fortunately, I have never personally suffered from an eating disorder, but I realise now that I haven’t been fully loving myself or my body despite trying to eat well.  That changes from this moment onwards! Hurrah!

The Goddess Revolution is as beautiful inside as it is on the cover (seriously, what a gorgeous cover!), and I think that it is a must read for all women.  I feel that it has helped me a lot.  You can find it on Amazon here.

Give it a read and let me know what you think!

Much love,


With some healthy treats in Hyde Park. Self-love never felt or tasted better!

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