My current top 5 inspirational Instagram accounts

I really love Instagram because I love the visual beauty of the posts.  This isn’t surprising given my love of photography.  But, it isn’t just the pictures themselves that are captivating: it is the words and intentions that go with them. Yes, you and I must bear in mind that Instagram accounts are often composed of the “highlight reel” of a person’s life or work.  However, just because something is stylised and artistic doesn’t mean it is bereft of meaning.  We want our images and posts to be as appealing as possible (but without making them too fake or choreographed).  I think it is important to remember when looking at any social media platform that it can be very unhealthy to obsessively compare your own body, yoga ability, photography skills etc to somebody else, but generally I feel that Instagram is a great place to get inspiration and motivation for all aspects of life.

So, here are my Top 5 accounts that I am absolutely in love with at the moment

Deliciously Ella @deliciouslyella

Actually, I am pretty much obsessed with Ella Mills through and through.  I love her attitude, her intentions, her recipes, her self-love concepts, her normalcy. Her posts are visually beautiful, and all with the intention of making her followers feel good, be healthy and love themselves.

2016-08-08 21.18.27
PC – @deliciouslyella on Instagram


Cassey Ho/Blogilates @blogilates

Cassey really inspires me to be fit, healthy and strong.  I love her enthusiasm, her energy and her workouts.  She walks her talk, and is all about balance and loving your body.  Her YouTube fitness videos are pretty immense!

2016-08-08 21.18.53
PC – @blogilates on Instagram


Shona Vertue @shona_vertue

This woman is amazing, and not just because I find her Aussie accent and humour very appealing. I am often mesmerised by the strength and skill of her body, and the commitment and dedication she puts into it.

2016-08-08 21.17.08
PC – @shona_vertue on Instagram


Mel Wells @iammelwells

I love Mel’s body positive messages, which are brave and full of love.  She is an instant pick-me-up.

2016-08-08 21.18.00
PC – @iammelwells on Instagram


Emilia @emiliaarabella

I love this account for her photography of nature which is so utterly beautiful and magical. As an amateur photographer, I find her account very inspiring and motivating.

2016-08-08 21.19.38
PC – @emiliaarabella on Instagram

As you can see, there is a theme that runs through all of these choices: they are inspiring enough to make me want to challenge myself, and loving enough that I come away from them feeling enthused and uplifted.

Do you have any suggestions for accounts to follow in Instagram? I’d love to know. And if you are on Instagram and are looking for some fresh inspiration, maybe these accounts will do the trick for you.

Much love,


Pssst… The header image on this post shows a glimpse at a few of my photographs on Instagram. Follow my account @alexandra_indigogaia and let’s share the love over there too!

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