Monday Sunshine


I read an article in The Guardian this weekend that said the number of young women with mental health issues in England has risen quite dramatically over the last few years. This includes PTSD, stress, anxiety and self-harm (read the article here).

And it made me really sad to think that so many people – men and women – are struggling so much day-to-day to just be happy.Β  Happy SHOULD be the norm.Β  Then I saw the quote above and thought it was perfect for this week’s inspiration post.

Spread some love and kindness this week. It’s the best thing that you will do!

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Monday Sunshine

  1. A lovely quote for a frightening statistic. At least it is positive that more people are seeking help for mental illness – I look forward to a day when we can discuss mental illness the same way we’d talk about a physical illness, with no taboo, no unease and no judgement. With research statistics like this, I hope we’re getting closer.

    Being kind to others can make you happy too, and I love this Macklemore quote which is super practical:

    “The quickest way to happiness?
    Learning to be selfless
    Ask more questions, talk about yourself less”

    – so true, and so easy to do!

    Thanks for another great post πŸ™‚ xx

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