The Side Hustle

Making your own sunshine and making your own rules isn’t always an easy business.  Personally, I sometimes find it difficult to make the time/find the energy to work on my writing ambitions after a full day at work.  Holding down a full time job whilst trying to turn your other dreams into reality can be challenging, and I admit that there are times (quite a few!) when I let my writing fall by the wayside in favour of tea and toast and the latest episode of whatever show I am hooked on.

But, whilst the progress may be slower, it is rewarding to know that you are taking charge and making a difference to your life.  This blog is a creative outlet for me and that alone makes it worth its weight in gold.  The act of being creative is very fulfilling even if no one ever sees it. Of course, I would love for my blog and writing career to continue to grow and expand but I am trying not to obsess about results and the outcome, and rather focus on the soul-nourishment that it gives me.  Working from that place gives room for authenticity, and one thing I am learning in life is that if you aren’t doing something authentically then there is no point doing it.

There is a quote that I have placed prominently on my manifestation board that reads:


If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that it has been my mission from this year onwards to always follow my heart, and always live true to myself in every way. This quote always gets my focus back on track if I have wobbled.

So, the “side hustle” is hard; but, it is so worth it if it allows you to be more authentically you, if it allows you to express yourself and wrestle back some of the control of your life.  It is true what all the books I’ve read say: something magical happens when you decide to work on your dreams.  When you willingly devote even a small amount of your time to your dreams, you find that more time for your dreams seems to appear. It is a curious thing!

So, if you are thinking of starting something up – a blog, a sport, an art class, photography, whatever it is – please give it a go! You will thank yourself for it.

Own your life.

Much love,


15 thoughts on “The Side Hustle

  1. Inspiring words, thank you so much! I think sometimes you end up on a track in life and are a bit bewildered how you got there and how exactly you get off! It’s so important to invest in your creative and emotional wellbeing, but as you say, it isn’t easy, it takes commitment – and courage! Thank you for sharing your insight and please keep it up! xx

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  2. I love this Alexandra! It’s something I can relate to very well. I’ve actually since quit the traditional job in pursuit of following my heart’s desire, it’s not profitable in a tangible way just yet but I’m so rich within!! Thankfully my husband is very supportive because while we are modest we will be better off as a two income household but we are making some sacrifices so I can pursue my dreams in earnest. Thank you for sharing. I love the quote on your manifestation board! Keep feeding your heart, while the project might progress slower than you’d like the real measure is the fulfillment as you touched on in your post. It’s a pleasure to meet you ❤

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      1. It was a terrifying and exhilarating move but it was something that I needed to do for my mental and emotional health. I had dedicated my entire adult life to doing things the traditional way and it wasn’t working for me. I felt like my soul was being strangled to death with each conference, meeting, and metric that had to be met that deprived me of any creativity and expression. So I’ve put myself in the position that I have no choice but to succeed 😉

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