Book Review: Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

I felt very drawn to reading this book and intuitively knew that it could be a massive help on my journey inwards.  But, curiously, I experienced some strong internal resistance at certain points whilst I was reading it.  I realised after a while that it was the fearful side of me that was trying to put up a fight.  Spirit Junkie made me look inwards and shine a very bright spotlight on some things that had hidden in the ‘inner shadows’ for too long: things that needed to be confronted, but that the fearful side of me didn’t want to address.

It’s too early to say how deep an impact this book has had on me, though I know that it has triggered (or at least helped to trigger) a period of great growth and healing for me. Already, I have felt a big positive mental shift in my outlook about life and myself.

One of the big changes has been a more conscious and consistent meditation practice. This is one of the things that Gabrielle did to transform her life. And transform her life she did! She is a massively influential and inspiring figure.  Her books are best sellers and she is helping countless men and women to manifest the life of their dreams.  She is a walking, talking example of everything she preaches.

In all honesty, there were times when I felt a bit intimidated by Gabrielle and uncomfortable when reading Spirit Junkie. But, these feelings came to the fore because both Gabrielle and her book were forcing me to confront things that I had been avoiding: fear of success and a feeling of unworthiness, fear of rejection by others (a big issue for me!), fear of taking the necessary steps to embark on the next stages of spiritual growth – in short, the fear of facing my fears.  All of those things were keeping me small, and were barriers that Spirit Junkie forced me to bust through and begin to truly address.

spirit-junkie-2Don’t let any of this put you off reading it. Because, whilst it shone a spotlight on uncomfortable truths about myself, Spirit Junkie also offered a soothing balm for my soul: the beauty and reality of miracles.  With her life story, Gabrielle shows how she embarked on the path of recovery from drug addictions, extreme co-dependency and a very poor sense of self-worth and belonging to heal and find a deep faith in the Universe, self-love and miracles.

A massive part of Gabrielle’s healing was through the teachings of A Course in Miracles, a rather epic book of wisdom allegedly channelled from Jesus.  The teachings, however, whilst presented in somewhat archaic vernacular are actually nondenominational and focus primarily on love and the awakening of spiritual perception.  Gabrielle relays what she learned from A Course in Miracles in a way that is more accessible for the modern reader (if, like me, you find the archaic language and masculine pronouns a bit too evocative of patriarchal, organised religion, the interpretations of this text made by Gabrielle, Marianne Williamson, and Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood may be of use to you).

Spirit Junkie is a great read for anyone who is looking for ways to find faith and connect with love – particularly those who need to heal deeply and learn to love themselves. I found it to be quite profoundly thought provoking, and it opened my eyes to another way of perceiving the world.  It is definitely a book worth considering.

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Published by Alexandra Payne

Wonder-seeking wanderer sharing my unfolding journey of living life consciously.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

  1. Sounds like everyone should read this book, it sounds amazing! You are very brave Alex to share your thoughts so openly with us all. By doing so, you will be actively helping others to also take that giant step towards inner healing. X

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