An Interview With Michelle Gordon

As you know, I think women coming together to support each other in unity and sisterhood is a beautiful thing! I decided that it was time to celebrate and help spread the word about some of the wonderful soul sistas that I have come across, and who have inspired me in my own journey. So, without further ado, I would like you to meet…

Michelle Gordon


Author of the fictional Visionary Collection and The Earth Angel Series, and most recently the self-help guide Where’s My F*cking Unicorn? , Michelle is on the rise and has a lot of gifts to offer us spiritual seekers!

Alexandra: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to this point in your life’s journey.

Michelle Gordon: I have always been an old soul, have always been a bit too serious and sensitive. When I was younger, I was always being mistaken for being much older than I actually was. From the age of 8, I began writing short stories, and then at 11, began writing poetry. There always seemed to be so much going on in my head, that writing creatively seemed to be the only way to make sense of it. In 2005, I met a healer who woke me up, and made me realise that I have shut down the spiritual awareness as a child out of fear. I would say that I began my spiritual journey then, and though I have fallen asleep again several times, I always find that writing wakes me up again.

I wrote my first novel in 2009, and published it in 2011. I have published 11 books of my own so far, with another due out very soon. I have tried many different jobs throughout my life, and have discovered that nothing fits me quite as perfectly as being an author. I am fairly nomadic, moving about often, and travelling when I can. I love to meet new people, but there is a part of me that would like to have a permanent home one day!

A: Your books are as entertaining as they are inspiring and insightful. What do you hope to achieve with your writing?

MG: When I first began writing, it was out of necessity. Writing was – and still is – very therapeutic for me, and it helps me to make sense of things. Sometimes, a story idea will hound me until I finally write it, so you could say that I write to stay sane! But now that I have several books out, I would say that I now write for my readers too. Getting messages from them saying how much they enjoy the stories, and how much they have helped them, really motivates and inspires me to keep writing. My main hope is that my books help others as much as they’ve helped me.

A: Where did you get the idea for your books?

MG: The idea for the Earth Angel books came from my desire to have my own magical Academy. I came up with a vague idea for the first book, and then I sat down and wrote solidly for two months until the book was complete. I would say that the book was mostly channelled, I couldn’t remember much of it when I finished writing. The ideas for my other books have come in dreams, or have been inspired by random encounters. I have story ideas coming to me all the time, there’s never a shortage.

A: What lights you up inside?

MG: Reading a great book, spending time with my close friends, watching an inspiring movie, and hugs! You can never get enough hugs, in my opinion.

A: Who, or what, inspires you?

MG: My readers inspire me a lot. Sometimes, I’ll be stuck on a story, and I’ll reach out and ask my readers what they think. Whatever they say, usually, the next part of the puzzle will slip into place and I’ll know what to write next. People who have followed their dreams, even when told it was impossible, also inspire me. To keep going, against all odds.

A good hunk of homemade cake also inspires me 😊

A: Describe your perfect day.

MG: Having time to write, time to spend with loved ones, eating tasty, healthy food, learning something new, listening to good music, going for a walk in the woods, and connecting with people around the world through the internet. Creating something pretty, baking a cake, committing random acts of kindness and being hugged a lot. A combination of all or some of these things would create the perfect day.

A: What is your favourite book or author, and why?

MG: When I was a child, I read Charlotte’s Web over and over. Probably because I really wanted my own pet pig! I would say that my overall favourite author is JK Rowling. Harry Potter is a big part of my life, and I have loved reading the books, watching the movies, visiting the studios and even having HP themed parties! Harry Potter makes me feel that magic really is alive and well in this world, and JK Rowling has done many great things that I admire too.

A: What is your favourite quote?

MG: If you don’t like how things are – change it! You are not a tree. – Jim Rohn

A: What words of wisdom would you give to other spiritual seekers?

MG: Make sure you take time out to do nothing. To be still, to recharge. I know that in order to make things happen, we must take action and go for it, but equally, we need still moments to just listen to our own inner guidance, and to receive inspiration. Some of my best ideas have come from moments of stillness, and yet I still forget to make time for them.

Thank you, Michelle!

If you are interested in reading Michelle’s books (and I insist that you do!), you can find them on Amazon here:

Visit her website, , or follow Michelle on social media:


Happy reading!

Love Alexandra x


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