Thoughts on the new, reflections on the old

I’ve always liked to write a diary or journal.  I don’t do it religiously every day, but I do it as and when I need to. It gives me space in which to consider my hopes, dreams and fears; and the act of physically writing helps me to externalise them, affording me better perspective.  Read my post on keeping a diary here.

Reflection and forethought at this time of year is common, with the new year stretching like a blank canvas ahead of us. It is important to take some time to think about how far you have come, and where you would like to go. So, I thought it might be fun to offer you some journal prompts to aid that self-reflection.


What do I have to celebrate from 2016?

What were my breakthroughs, achievements, and accomplishments? Think in terms of career, relationships or personal growth – or whatever comes to mind!

What am I proud of in 2016?


What am I happy to let go of or leave behind in 2016?

Where do I need to turn a new page?

What were my disappointments or “failures”? These are important life teachings and warrant just as much consideration as the good stuff, but do it from a place of LOVE! Don’t berate, belittle or demean yourself for your perceived “failures”.  We are all doing the best we can at any given moment.  Learn from, don’t judge.


What do I want to learn in 2017? This could be a new skill, some new studies, or self-knowledge.

What do I want to heal?

Who do I want to be in 2017? What qualities or values do I want to embody? You get to choose who you show up as each day.


What do I want to do in 2017?

What project do I want to start/place do I want to visit?

What goal do I want to achieve, or make strides towards accomplishing?

How do I want to give and be of service to others?


All self-reflection should be done from a place of love. There is no room for judgement here.

New Year’s resolutions are great, but don’t turn them into yard sticks against which to measure your self worth.  They are expressions of our dreams and the inner workings of our souls; they aren’t set in concrete, and you are free to change or adapt them as you grow.

Make resolutions and goals that are heart-centred, not from fear-based or self-loathing beliefs.

Life moves in mysterious ways and sometimes offers us better opportunities or experiences than we could ever have imagined. Be open, and be flexible.  Put your goals and intentions out into the Universe with “This, or something better. Thank you.”

As long as your intention is to grow and to offer service to the world with positivity and compassion, you are moving forward in divine fashion…

… BUT, you must take inspired action daily for your dreams to become a reality.  Dream, believe, act.

And, my final tip for 2017:

Choose love over fear in every moment.

Happy journaling!





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