Book Review: Indigo Adults by Kabir Jaffe & Ritama Davidson


Although I have felt a connection to the Indigo Adult/Children ‘phenomena’, I have actually only read a handful of books about it. Or, rather, books that solely focus on the Indigos. Olena M. A. Gill’s The Indigo Survival Guide was a very interesting read that deepened my understanding of Indigos and their lives on Earth, but Indigo Adults took that knowledge to a whole new level.

Insightful, enlightening and massively explanatory, I found Indigo Adults to be thought-provoking but also comforting.  There tends to be a very simple definition of Indigos out there describing them as rebels, game-changers and kids misdiagnosed with ADHD – quite two-dimensional, I suppose – but Indigo Adults conveyed the amazing depth and breadth of Indigo Adults. Not all Indigos are angry and bouncing off the walls (in the past I had often felt confused as to why I felt connected to the Indigo phenomenon, as this didn’t describe me).

I felt that this book helped me to understand a lot about myself, and I guess it validated the viewpoints I have held about the nature of the Universe, the nature of my being here, why I interact (or don’t interact) with people the way that I do, and much more… I am not massively into labels as I think people are far too complex to be categorised neatly, but the Indigo association has helped me to find some answers to my personal questions about myself and my beliefs.

Souls with the Indigo energy are still a relative minority, and the people who either believe in them or take the beliefs seriously is even smaller. (NB. For those who don’t know, the term Indigo was coined to describe the specific energies found in the auras of certain people with common traits – an energy that vibrates with the wavelength of the colour indigo).

But, I think the concept of Indigo Children and Adults explains a lot about people who have come to Earth with a purpose: to actively instigate positive change. Indigos are preoccupied with this. Personally, this is a massive driving force for me, and a source of both contentment and discontentment. Sometimes the need to instigate change coupled with the inactivity from not knowing exactly what or how is overpowering.  “What’s the bigger purpose to this?” is a question that seems to drive nearly everything I do, even subconsciously. (Of course, Indigos aren’t the only agents of this change. Indigos are but one petal on the amazing flower that is the Universe. There are many wondrous souls out there with different energies but who also want peace and love).

Indigo Adults really helped me to gain perspective on this.  So, for every Indigo Adult out there with questions, I highly recommend this book.  It is engagingly written, very knowledgeable and profound, and covers a wide array of topics from the nature of Indigo souls, Indigos and love, Indigos relating to other people, Indigos and their sense of purpose, the Piscean-Aquarian Age cross over, to Indigos within the bigger picture of the cosmos.  I found it a fascinating read; and very, very elucidating, reassuring and empowering.

“One of the reasons why the Aquarian Age and the Indigo energies hold such fascination for me is because I see it as a ripple in the Cosmos. It is a cosmic ripple, preceded by other ripples, and preceding the ripples yet to come. As I begin to glimpse this larger unfolding whole, I perceive such magic and mystery, such immense forces and potentials.” – Kabir Jaffe

We are all – Indigos and other souls alike – a part of something big, wondrous and magnificent.  Indigos can often feel alone, so it is important to know that there is a community out there.

If you’ve read this, or now feel inclined to do so, let me know what you think! You can buy it here.

Happy reading! Please leave me a comment or send me a message via the Contact tab at the top of the page to talk “Indigos”!



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