Book Review: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book provoked a lot of reflection in me, not least because I was reading it whilst also on my own soulful adventure. It covers Liz Gilbert’s journey to heal her emotional pain and depression, discovering new and wonderful things about herself, finding friendships and love in the process, as she spends a year living and travelling around Italy, India and Indonesia (Bali).

A bitter divorce, an emotionally tumultuous relationship, and the subsequent lows that came with them, drove Liz Gilbert on a quest outwards into the world and inwards to the deepest corners of her soul.  This is a story about her personal revelations and healing but it offers a lot of wisdom for everyone.

For me there were lots of little “Aha!” or “Yes, I knew that deep down!” moments as I was reading this book, but there were also bigger realisations and epiphanies.  The biggest came from her recounting her time in India, when she quoted her Guru:

” ‘God dwells within you, as you.’ AS you.”

I remember reading a book a while ago (I have unfortunately forgotten which one) that talked about the Universe as a conscious energy, wanting to explore itself.  We are all a part of that energy.  We are not separate, like individual energy beings submerged in a separate energy.  We are that energy.  The material plane that we currently inhabit is the Universe manifesting itself in its furthest limits away from its core.  It wants to know what it means to live in duality and materialism.  It is quite a complex notion, but it really made sense to me.  But, the beauty of it is that the Universe wants to explore itself as you, in the form you currently take. It wants to know what that feels like.  It wanted to know what it felt like to be on the material plane in a body like mine or yours.  You don’t have to be anything else other than what you are.

Obviously, there is always room for growth and development, and we need to make sure we are taking action steps towards being balanced and healthy.  That is what the Universe is doing: growing and learning about itself.  But, you are they way you are for a reason, so don’t be so hard on yourself!

Furthermore, because we are the Universe, or God, or however you wish to term it, we really do have access to all that we need. We really can create and manifest whatever we need to be happy.  For a moment, I understood the mind-blowing meaning of this with perfect clarity, and saw my own power (the same as yours) and how to use it. How to manifest a partner, soulful friendships, soulful experiences.

But, as is the way with this dual plane, I slipped out of that moment.  Yet, it is comforting to know that the realisation is there and that it is dawning in my conscious mind more and more each day to the point where I can actualise that knowledge.


To get back to the review, I think the praise and acclaim that this book has earned over the last decade is very much deserved.  It was so successful in the beginning that it kind of became a cliché, but Eay Pray Love has A LOT of wisdom to offer.  It may not be easy, but pain can be healed.  Love can be found. Friendships can be formed.  Growth is painful sometimes, but it is also divine. And well worth the effort.  I found myself easily drawn into her story by her way of writing, and she is incredibly open, honest and relatable.

And Liz Gilbert shows us that happiness is possible: take the time to look at your life and rethink it if necessary, allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to indulge. Make room and time in your life for devotion to your soul growth.  Make YOU your priority, and be kind to yourself.  She says: “You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings.” You have to believe it is possible, believe that you deserve it, and open your mind to the magic and love that is out there for you. Because it is out there for you.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Eat Pray Love was our February book in Indigo Gaia Book Club over on Goodreads. Interested in joining us? Each month we look at empowering, positive books focused on self-love and happiness.  Click here to join (if you haven’t already got a Goodreads profile you will need to sign up, but it is totally free and a totally cool way of chatting with other book lovers).


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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

  1. Make YOU your priority Alex. You offer such generous words of wisdom to us all but make sure you are kind and gentle towards yourself, on this your great solo adventure. You deserve all the praise and encouragement that is coming from us as we follow you. However, Please remember, to take your own advice and make YOU your priority. X

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