Monday Sunshine

This card was a little treat in our goodie bags at Mel Wells’ self-love event in Shrewsbury last night. It couldn’t have been more timely or perfectly worded for me.  I am at a point in my life where there are so many choices to consider that it has become very confusing and overwhelming to try to decipher which is the right one for me. Trying to force the answers to come never works.  So what I am learning and putting into practice is this:

Breathe. Relax. Let go. Trust.

Stepping back from trying to control things doesn’t mean you’re saying “Ok, I accept whatever mediocre/unhappy situation I am in right now”. It means “Ok, Universe, show me what ya got! I know I deserve the best. I allow you to give me the most MAGNIFICENT life beyond my wildest dreams”.

You can draw the energy of the life that you want to you by being open to it and embodying it. That, in my opinion, is what manifestation is.  But, if you are desperate or fearful you create a block.  By releasing control you are also releasing any rigid ideas that you may be holding onto without even realising it.  It is good to have goals, but you also have to be open-minded enough to accept that they may not manifest in the way you envisioned. You have to trust that whatever does happen, once you’re open to the flow, will be good for you.  There is beauty in unpredictability.

Accept that good things will happen for you, and they WILL happen.

Have a great week!


P.S Interested in learning more about Mel Wells? Read my review of her book here: The Goddess Revolution.


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