Self-Love Saturday

As you all know, I think self-love is SO important.  I’ve recently been using a lot of positive affirmations and doing mirror work (where you look yourself in the eye and repeat your affirmations, or tell yourself something wonderful and loving) as part of my self-love practice.  It can be hard at first, especially if you don’t believe what you are saying, but it is a fantastic tool for reframing your thoughts and it really starts to have a healing effect on your self-esteem.

People don’t always know what to say or how to start, so I thought I would share some of my Self-Love Mantras to help you along.  Remember: although you may not believe these statements at first, it is important to commit to what you are saying and say it with feeling! You don’t have to say them aloud, and you don’t have to do it in a mirror if you don’t want to (though I would advise working up to using a mirror at least occasionally) – just repeat the mantra to yourself as often as you need.

You are amazing, beautiful, and deserving of love – your own love, first and foremost.  There is nothing wrong, selfish or arrogant about loving yourself.  This is not the same as being conceited, which is fear-based.  Loving yourself means accepting and loving yourself no matter what, no matter how you believe you look that day, no matter what anyone else tells you.  Love yourself like you would your own child.  Love yourself so much that you are overflowing with kindness, compassion and love for others.

I deserve my own love

Please share these posts with any friends, sisters, brothers, mothers, or anyone you feel needs it.  Love makes the world go round, after all.


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