Monday Sunshine


Self-love flowers intosocial service..png

Self-love is as much a service to the world as it is to you.  It is pretty simple: happy, loving people equal a happy and love-filled society.

Self-love doesn’t just involve pampering oneself with bubble baths or massages; it involves incredible amounts of courage to face and heal everything within yourself – thought patterns, repressed emotions, pain – that causes discontent or fear or anger.

People learning to love themselves on every level of their being automatically start to feel more love and compassion for other people, animals and Earth. They don’t want to inflict hurt or suffering.  Moreover, they become shining examples of love and happiness that inspire others to do the same, and so the wave gathers momentum.

So, self-love isn’t selfish.  Self-love is absolutely vital in making this world a better place.

Have a great week everyone!



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