Books, books, books!

Which books have helped you on your personal journey

I am curious…

Which book or books have you found so inspiring that they triggered profound moments of clarity, and moments of deep, honest reflection?

Which books came to you just at the right time?

Which books spoke to you so personally that it almost felt like the Universe was addressing you directly?

Which books offered you healing or comfort?

I’d love to know! And I want you to share these books in the comments below so that we can pass on our discoveries to others.  Perhaps you will see a suggestion that is just perfect for you, even if you weren’t looking for it.  Perhaps your suggestion will be the missing piece of the puzzle for someone else.

These can be books from any genre.  I know that I have found just as much comfort, personal insight and joy from Jane Eyre as I have from self-help/self-development books like Mastering Your Mean Girl.

Books are the jewels of my life.

I love to read and learn as much as I can.  I have already shared some of my discoveries in my Empower Yourself Reading List but I want to expand this – with your help!

So, share away in the comments below! Let the book love unfold!

Much love XoXo



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