Six Summer Reads

Here are my six suggestions for some sizzlin’ summer reading, whether you are catching some rays on the beach, grabbing a 15 minute break from work in the park, or enjoying a relaxing evening in the garden (because being out in nature does wonders for your mood and health, so make the most of it!).  I’ve covered a variety of topics and genres, so everyone should find something they like!

Mastering Your Mean Girl (2)Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

Talk about a bombshell of a book! If you’re ready to fall seriously in love with yourself and your life – and do the work it takes to get there – then this is a book for you! I’ve read it once and I keep dipping back into it when I feel I need to.  Melissa has a way of giving you the answers you need and getting you back on track.  I highly recommend it.

Read my review of Mastering Your Mean Girl here.


Feeling a bit disenchanted with life? Do you need a dose of magic in these modern days? Look no further.  Signe’s quest to reconnect with a sense of wonder and purpose is incredibly moving and enlightening.  It will make you see the beauty and magic that is still out there all around us.

Read my review of Faery Tale here.

20170614_111539_1497437586379Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre is a classic for a reason. It is more than just a novel: deeply moving, passionate and provocative it questions the nature of love, societal restrictions, a woman’s independence, redemption and being truthful to one’s self.  It may have been written in the 19th Century, but it has a strong resonance on socio-political and personal levels even now.

20170614_112051_1497437586146Revolution by Russell Brand

Times are crazy these days and just watching the news is enough to send you into a stress spiral.  With so many political, social and environmental issues to feel uneasy about, Revolution is a perfect antidote.  A revolution ain’t a revelation: things need to change and it starts with us. Let’s do it with love.

20170614_111835_1497437586288Mind Body Bowl by Annie Clarke

Any time of year is perfect to start learning about true wellness, but the summer always seems to inspire us to get fit and healthy.  This isn’t just about looking good on that two week vacay though: this is about total mind and body harmony for life.  Annie shares some great knowledge and tips on how to live a conscious, balanced, happy life by aligning your mind, your body and the food you eat.

20170614_112830_1497437585849Some Girls Do by Margaret Leroy

In a thoroughly enjoyable and on-point book, Margaret Leroy considers why, despite the growing affluence and independence of women, traditional viewpoints regarding courtship and women’s lack of assertiveness in the dating game still prevail.  Some Girls Do takes an honest and unabashed look at female sexuality and identity in modern culture and discusses how we can be more empowered.

Have a wonderful summer and happy reading!

Let me know what you think of them!





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