The Look For Love Challenge

What is done with love is done well. – Van Gogh

This July I am introducing The Look For Love Challenge!  For this whole month I want you to look around you and notice how much love there is EVERYWHERE!

From a graffitied heart on the street or the word “love” scratched into a tree, friends talking and laughing, a smile from a fellow passenger, a loving quote on Instagram or Twitter, to the heart shape on your hot chocolate or a bunch of roses at the market, I want you to take note of EVERYTHING that reminds you of love.  Familial love, friendship love, neighbourly love, romantic love or self-love. All of it.

L.O.V.E love.

We are so aware of all the other stuff that is going on around the world, it’s time to start noticing how much good stuff there is too and fill ourselves up with it.

I am going to photograph every heart, quote or symbol that reminds me of love and share it on my Instagram (@alexandra_indigogaia) and Twitter (@1AlexandraPayne) throughout July.  I would love you to make a record of all your love sightings and share them with me, either through Instagram/Twitter by tagging me and using #lookforlovechallenge or emailing me at

I’m launching this on my birthday – 1st July – because I think looking for love is a wonderful way to officially start my 30th birthday! Please join me.

Much love from me to you!


Look for Love 2

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