An Ode to Wild Woman

An Ode to Wild Woman (on Wrekin hill).

Wandering the wild
took her closer to home;
it allowed her to find
more than she’d ever known.

As the wind swept on by
she started to see
more than views on high,
she saw what she could be.

Wild and free.

Wild and free.

Her feet bore her upwards,
her legs powerful and sure,
she found her strength within
and kept moving forth.

The trees and rocks,
they whisper tales of old;
the land has an ancient tongue
that is a privilege to behold.

Onward she climbed
to the crest of the hill,
a big inward breath,
she can wander where she will.

She is part of this land,
the great expanse before her,
and her heart beats with its rhythm,
for she is a Wild Woman,
wild and wise and free.


By Alexandra Payne