Here’s to the Adventure!


The journey of pursuing your dreams is joyful. (1)

I’ve been doing so much reflecting lately trying to figure out what changes I need to make in my life to align it truthfully with my soul, but it hasn’t really helped. More than anything I feel that my wheels are just spinning but not getting anywhere.

When we aren’t happy with something we want it to change immediately (I know I do), but sometimes it is tricky when you know what you want to move away from but you’re not sure what you want to move into. So often it seems it is easier to know what you don’t want than what you do want. You can watch or read about as many manifestation tips as you can, but if you aren’t clear what your desires are, how can we apply these tips to our lives?

It is hard to take a step back when you are unhappy with something but, as I am learning, becoming preoccupied with a problem and thus overthinking it is not exactly conducive to a solution.

I think our paths through life are winding ones that loop this way and that. It gives you experiences that you wouldn’t have if you were on a straight path to your ultimate chosen destination or goal. That’s the essence of adventure, right? You can’t have adventure without some discomfort and you definitely can’t have adventure without the unknown.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you haven’t figured it all out. Don’t compare yourself to these people who seem to be able to manifest everything they want (it’s never that simple, as I am sure they would tell you).

Be open to adventure and the things you will discover. And when something feels really crap (as it inevitably will at some point in your life), keep pushing forward and remember that ‘this too shall pass’. Each twist and turn, each peak and valley on your path of life will add more colour, depth and richness to your soul.

It might be scary to just wander the path and see where it takes you, especially if you fear that you won’t ever achieve the dreams that you want. If you have a vision, great! Keep working towards it. But, for those of us who are confused about our life’s direction (whether because you don’t know what you want, you feel you’ve hit a road bump that’s forced you off the path, or it seems like you’re never going to get to where you want to be), just remember that you could find a richness that you would have otherwise missed if your path hadn’t meandered, and you can find happiness through mindfulness and presence in any given moment.

Here’s to the adventure!