Meditation For Examining Your Beliefs

This meditation appeared in my mind after writing last week’s post, Breaking Up With My Spiritual Guru, and I felt an strong desire to share it with you. I have come to realise that it is so important to take stock of your beliefs, and examine them to see whether they actually serve you and are aligned with your authentic self. If you feel called to, give this meditation a try.  I don’t think it matters where you are when you do it, so long as you are in a place where you will be undisturbed and feel able to go within.  I suggest that you read this through a couple of times beforehand to properly familiarise yourself with it, or you could record yourself reading it aloud and play it back.


You’re sitting on a golden beach with the sun gently warming your skin and the waves moving rhythmically upon the shore.  You are relaxed and peaceful.  This is a completely safe space: your own little cove, with lush vegetation at your back.

Next to you is a pile of pebbles and rocks. Each one of these stones represents a belief that you hold.  Take a moment to look at the pile as a whole.  How does it make you feel instinctively in your gut, in the seat of your power?

Now, begin to look closely at the stones.  What are their sizes and shapes? Perhaps some are angular, rough and sharp.  Perhaps some are rounded and smooth.  Perhaps some are chipped or cracked, or perhaps some are decorated with paintings or symbols.  How do they look to you?

Pick them up, one by one, and notice what belief they represent to you.  Don’t overthink this.  Go with your first thought or, if nothing comes up for you, put that stone aside and come back to it later. Take a close look at the stone and notice the details upon it, and most especially how it makes you feel to hold it.  Does it comfort you, light you up, or is it heavy and painful in your hand? Is it a stone that you would like to use as a strong foundation for your life? Is it a belief that will make you stronger, more empowered, more aligned with your true self?

Divide the stones into two piles: those you wish to discard, and those you wish to keep.  It does not matter how many stones are in each pile.  Perhaps you don’t want to keep any, or maybe you’ve found that all of the stones feel good to you.  Maybe there are some you are not yet ready to discard.  If there are any that you have put to one side, go back to them now and consider them again.

When you feel ready, rise to your feet and gather up the stones you wish to discard in your arms.  Walk slowly to the water’s edge and with a great sigh of relief, throw the stones you do not want to keep into the sea.  You no longer need to hold onto them.  They are gone, and will be taken care of and purified by the water.  You are free of these beliefs now.

Take a moment to relax and bask in the sunlight.  How do you feel now?  Remember that you are completely safe.

Stay as long as you want, but when you feel ready, turn and walk away from the ocean and head towards the treeline.  There is a pathway there. Follow it.  As you leave the beach, know that you can come back to this sanctum at any time to review your foundation stones.

Coming out of the meditation, slowly bring movement back into your fingers and toes, and blink open your eyes.  Place your hands on your heart and thank yourself for the immense act of courage you just showed yourself.  Remember that you are entitled to reevaluate your life and your beliefs as many times as you need.


Published by Alexandra Payne

Wonder-seeking wanderer sharing my unfolding journey of living life consciously.

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