Luxurious Self-Care Body Treats For You

Self-care is more than just skin deep, but it certainly helps to treat that beautiful body of yours once in a while! Good quality luxuries with nourishing ingredients are a great way to show yourself some love and uplift your mood.  After all, when we’re relaxed, blissed out and pumped full of love, there is a positive ripple effect on the other areas of our lives.  Here are a few of the things I do to give myself a little body treat.

DIY body moisturiser with essential oils.

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I use a base moisturiser from Neal’s Yard and then mix it with some divine essential oils that not only smell great but also have a calming effect on my body.  I really like the Neal’s Yard Calming blend: Bergamot, Chamomile, Lavender, and Vetiver are such soothing and restful oils, and perfect for a bit of R&R.  I use this at night time and in the morning if I want to start the day feeling pampered, calm and centred.

(It is important to research what oils you’re using as some can only be applied to the skin when mixed with a base, and you need to properly ratio essential oil to the base.  A good general guideline is 30 drops per 50mls of lotion.  Also take care using essential oils when pregnant or breastfeeding, and also note that it isn’t good for your skin to be exposed to direct sunlight after applying certain oils.  Definitely do your research.)

Really good quality, skin-nourishing soap


Warm water, music playing, perhaps a candle or two lit on the corner of the tub… This doesn’t have to be just a bath-time thing.  Make your showers a little more luxurious too!  Cleanse your gorgeous bod with something that not only cleans but nourishes your skin.  The skin is the body’s largest organ but one often taken for granted.  Use some soap that is actually good for your skin, and that boosts your mood too.  I really like the Geranium Rose soap bar from Simply Soaps, handmade with organic, natural plant oils.  It smells wonderful and feels beautiful – a true luxurious pick-me-up whilst showering.

Magnesium flakes

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Whilst we’re talking about bathing, when you do decide to give yourself some ‘me time’ and soak in a long, hot bath, don’t forget to add magnesium flakes.  Magnesium is a known muscle relaxant, and is an integral mineral needed for our bodies to function optimally.  A lot of us are deficient in Magnesium but, as it is easily absorbed through the skin, soaking in Magnesium-enriched water is a good way to top up your levels.

Natural perfume

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I am no expert on this, but I do like to have a play around with essential oil roll-ons from time to time.  Using 10mls of a top quality base oil such as Almond or Grapeseed, add 6 drops (in total) of an essential oil or oils of your choice, mix in a little roller ball bottle and you’re good to go! You can have fun mixing whatever scent you want.  Lavender, Frankincense and Rose sounds like a divine combination! (Again, please research the oils you want to use and be careful if pregnant, breastfeeding, or when the skin is going to be exposed directly to sunlight).

I hope these are ideas that you can use, or that have perhaps inspired other creative ideas for some luxury treats of your own (let me know what you come up with in the comments below).  Remember: you definitely deserve some pampering!

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*This is not a sponsored post nor am I affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.  However, I was fortunate enough to be gifted a soap sample from Simply Soaps. I ended up really liking it, and I admire the company’s values.