Book Review: ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ by Melissa Ambrosini

I have read (and still am reading) lots of inspirational and self-love books, but so far Mastering Your Mean Girl has been the cherry on the icing.  Melissa Ambrosini’s book is, as she fully intended, bursting with love and wisdom.  Her motivating force is love and that really came through on single every page, in turn firing upContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ by Melissa Ambrosini”

Book Review: Stuffocation by James Wallman

I have been incorporating more and more aspects of simple living and the zero waste lifestyle into my own of late, so when I came across Stuffocation: Living More With Less I was intrigued. With the exception of books and crystals, which I seem to be gathering to myself with the gravitational force of theContinue reading “Book Review: Stuffocation by James Wallman”

Book Review: Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling

I loved this book so much that I devoured it in two days. It really did exactly what it promises: it made me realise just how much I need to celebrate myself, and how I deserve it. We all need to show ourselves not just a little love, but A LOT of love! Part memoir,Continue reading “Book Review: Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling”

Book Review: The Wisdom of the Shire by Noble Smith

It might sound melodramatic but it would be the truth to say that this book changed my life. Any fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings knows how profound and incredible those stories are, but I never realised just how much wisdom lay in those books and how much of it I could incorporate into my own life.

Book Review: A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson

What I garnered from A Woman’s Worth is a new realisation that there really is as much strength in our delicate, gentle aspects as there is in our feisty and tempestuous aspects. And that, when all those parts are united, we are a force to be reckoned with! We need to believe in ourselves again, and in what we can achieve.