Here’s to the Adventure!

  I've been doing so much reflecting lately trying to figure out what changes I need to make in my life to align it truthfully with my soul, but it hasn't really helped. More than anything I feel that my wheels are just spinning but not getting anywhere. When we aren't happy with something we … Continue reading Here’s to the Adventure!

The Importance of Getting Lost

I went to a riveting panel discussion recently regarding our relationship with Nature.  We're not talking about gardens here, or pleasure walks at the local National Trust: we're talking about wild, non-cultivated, unencumbered, there-might-be-a-bear-in-the-woods Nature.  One of the speakers, Nina Lyon, made a comment about our inability to get truly lost in our home country … Continue reading The Importance of Getting Lost

New Zealand: South Island Highlights

As many of you will know, earlier this year I spent a few months travelling solo around New Zealand.  What a powerful way to kick-start the year, and a very deep and personal inner journey too! That inner journey is still ongoing and very raw, and though I have already shared some of that with … Continue reading New Zealand: South Island Highlights

An interview with the T-Rex Runner, Danielle Cemprola.

I met Danielle in Auckland earlier this year when she asked me if I wanted to join her and her friends on a hike up Mt Eden.  I was quickly drawn in by how warm and friendly she is, and was massively impressed by her love for running marathons, fitness, hiking and exploring - a personal journey that … Continue reading An interview with the T-Rex Runner, Danielle Cemprola.

New Zealand: North Island Highlights

  New Zealand is an extraordinary place for an adventure. Between the lovely people and stunning landscapes, it is impossible not to fall in love with it.  I did A LOT of travelling around both islands over the last few months, and there is so much to rave about! But, here are my top 5 highlights from the North … Continue reading New Zealand: North Island Highlights

California Dreamin’ for bella rae magazine!

I am so happy to say that a piece of mine has been published in Issue 4 (Apr/May/Jun 2017) of the Australian magazine, bella rae! This is my first piece to be published in print, and I was absolutely stoked to see it! Talk about an amazing and surreal feeling! This piece is all about the life … Continue reading California Dreamin’ for bella rae magazine!

Lots of sunshine and no rules!

I'm sitting in the sunny garden of the Auckland hostel where I am staying. It is a beautiful day - hot, yet peaceful. A few other travellers chat softly in the garden, which backs onto Western Park with its lovely expanse of trees and greenery.  I'm contemplating my next moves: decisions which have caused me more … Continue reading Lots of sunshine and no rules!

The Strength in Surrender

"You don't have to figure it all out, you don't even have to be ready, you just have to trust yourself enough to take the first step." - Kristin Lohr As you know, in January I am packing my bags and heading off to New Zealand on my own for a while - months, a couple … Continue reading The Strength in Surrender

Wanderlust: Amsterdam

A few weeks ago a friend and I went to Amsterdam as the last, but by no means least, girls holiday of the year. I heard so many people say good things about Amsterdam, and I was finally persuaded that my initial (and rather narrow-minded) idea of it being a city full of drugs, sex and … Continue reading Wanderlust: Amsterdam

Glastonbury Weekend

Something about Glastonbury makes my heart sing. The mystical energies around the Tor, and the unabashed acceptance of all that is magical, weird and wonderful, makes it an incredibly liberating place. Here, the imagination is given free reign and belief in what is normally considered impossible is shared boldly.