Glastonbury Weekend

Something about Glastonbury makes my heart sing. The mystical energies around the Tor, and the unabashed acceptance of all that is magical, weird and wonderful, makes it an incredibly liberating place. Here, the imagination is given free reign and belief in what is normally considered impossible is shared boldly.

Harvest Gratitude: why the Harvest Festival could save our connection to our planet and each other

Harvest Festivals evoke a sense of community - people came together to collect the fruits, reap the corn, and get the stores ready for winter. They celebrated the abundant gifts together. They got the soil on their hands as they farmed and collected, fingertips stained purple from berry picking, and bodies sheened with sweat as they cut down the wheat. They worked hard for it, and they watched the plants grow into incredible fruits and vegetables. They prayed for rain, and for sun. They saw the growth process, and lived and felt the cycle of nature.