Mindfulness and Presence

I just wanted to share a few pictures that I have taken over the last couple of days that show us just how beautiful our country of England is, but also remind us to be mindfully present to that beauty at all times. When finishing work on Tuesday, I could have just driven straight homeContinue reading “Mindfulness and Presence”

Book Review: The Wisdom of the Shire by Noble Smith

It might sound melodramatic but it would be the truth to say that this book changed my life. Any fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings knows how profound and incredible those stories are, but I never realised just how much wisdom lay in those books and how much of it I could incorporate into my own life.

Autumn and the Chakras

I absolutely adore autumn; it is my favourite season of all. I love the smells, the harvest, the clear blue skies and crisp air.  But, most of all, I love the colours.  And it seems (from my Instagram feed at least) that nearly everyone else is captivated too! “Autumn is a second spring when everyContinue reading “Autumn and the Chakras”

Meditative Nature Photography

Perhaps you could say focusing on a leaf is the same as focusing your mind on a meditative mantra, or that following the winding, lofty boughs of a tree with your eyes is the same as contemplating a mandala.

Harvest Gratitude: why the Harvest Festival could save our connection to our planet and each other

Harvest Festivals evoke a sense of community – people came together to collect the fruits, reap the corn, and get the stores ready for winter. They celebrated the abundant gifts together. They got the soil on their hands as they farmed and collected, fingertips stained purple from berry picking, and bodies sheened with sweat as they cut down the wheat. They worked hard for it, and they watched the plants grow into incredible fruits and vegetables. They prayed for rain, and for sun. They saw the growth process, and lived and felt the cycle of nature.