California Dreamin’ for bella rae magazine!

I am so happy to say that a piece of mine has been published in Issue 4 (Apr/May/Jun 2017) of the Australian magazine, bella rae! This is my first piece to be published in print, and I was absolutely stoked to see it! Talk about an amazing and surreal feeling! This piece is all about the lifeContinue reading “California Dreamin’ for bella rae magazine!”

An Interview With Haley Hoffman Smith

Ivy League student, entrepreneur, author, girl power advocate and a beauty with brains. This 20 year old woman is already creating waves in the world of female empowerment.  She is an inspiration to me, and I am so excited to share her words with you.  Take note, world – watch as this star rises! HaleyContinue reading “An Interview With Haley Hoffman Smith”

An Interview With Michelle Gordon

As you know, I think women coming together to support each other in unity and sisterhood is a beautiful thing! I decided that it was time to celebrate and help spread the word about some of the wonderful soul sistas that I have come across, and who have inspired me in my own journey. So,Continue reading “An Interview With Michelle Gordon”

Short Story: Under the Sycamore Tree

She walked atop the ancient steadfast wall, layer upon layer of stone rugged and coarse under the wear of many years. The sky above her was dense with cloud, low and grey and threatening rain. Below and to the left of her feet, a sheer rock face fell away to rolling green land, tenacious bushes and wildflowersContinue reading “Short Story: Under the Sycamore Tree”